Steven Reich


As a passionate hiker, my interest in photography began with my fascination with natural landscapes. More than any other group of photographers, the landscape community is obsessed with sharp and flawless images, technical specifications, and scientific perfection; and for a long time, I was part of that craze. However, throughout the years, and after a bit of moving around to different cities and into different cultures, my focus has shifted more towards the Anthropocene. Street photography and other forms of candid photography are now at the center of my interest.

I hope to capture moments that celbrate what makes all of us unique, as well as the struggles we face, and the impact we have on our surroundings. These pictures might sometimes be messy, they might lack the sharpness of a carefully planned, tripod-stabilized, epic sunset. They might be grainier than a portrait shot in a perfectly lid studio. But they also just might capture emotions and scenes that cannot be planned in advance and are not replicable in any studio. Similarly, when I get the chance to bring my camera into nature these days, I try to focus less on the grand panoramas and more on smaller, often overlooked, scenes.

In my blog, I want to further explore those rare moments. I’m currently working on writing a small series called “Stories from Behind the Lens,” which will be published on this website starting in Spring 2020.


Email: [email protected]

Currently situated in: Berlin